Cycling After Having A Baby

Cycling can represent a good choice for new mums trying to get back their pre-pregnancy body and fitness. Cycling can be done inside (on an exercise bike) or outside (on a real bike).

The advantages of indoor cycling include the weather proof factor, easy tracking of improvement and less potential of danger from traffic.

But consider outdoor cycling as superior in other ways. First, the stimulus is much more enjoyable on a bright, dry day than staring at the wall or MTV in a gym. Second hills and wind can make outdoor cycling a superior fitness challenge. Third, competing against yourself on a real circuit around you local area can be more fun and motivational than simply attempting a set distance or time on an exercise bike.

Consider also the "dirty electricity". That is, radiation from electric exercise equipment. It may sound a little flimsy at first, but our cells have very little protection against this type of electro-magnetic radiation and research published in the journal electromagnetic biology and medicine. 2008. suggests that dirty electricity can negatively affect blood sugar management, which has huge implication for health and body composition.

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