Hiking After Having A Baby

Hiking or walking in the country can be a great choice of exercise for you to take part in, especially after giving birth.

Hiking has a number of advantages and hidden benefits that make it a super exercise choice for a new mum.

For starters, you can take the little one at almost any age. Strap her up in a back or front carrier and some nice warm clothes and you're off. You, your baby and your partner can enjoy the outdoors together. Getting time away from work, email, iPads and television to spend some time bonding as a family unit while getting exercise to boot can't be a bad thing!

Your new baby gets to be exposed to all sorts of different stimuli. New sights, smells and sounds she experiences out in the countryside will help her developing neurons.

Walking is the only proven way to decrease risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia. It's reported to be great for longevity in general as well as family bonding.

You can start pretty much as soon as you feel up to it, within reason you can do it at any time of year and it's free!

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