Spinning After Having A Baby

Spinning, or indoor cycling, can be a great choice for exercising when returning to training after giving birth.

The workouts are anaerobic, which make them great for fat loss and cardio vascular fitness. They are group based, and so can be more sociable and enjoyable than solo gym sessions, and are inside, meaning you can do them year-round.

Can I Fit Spinning Around My Baby?

Most sessions last about 45 minutes with some only 30 minutes. You can, to some extent, work at your own pace. Every instructor is a little different, so you should be able to find a class you really enjoy.

Many modern gyms have creche or childcare facilities making spin a potentially very convenient addition to your routine.

How Much Spinning Should I Do?

One word of warning: because many people see early results from spinning it can be easy to over do it. I often see people taking part in 5 or more spin classes every week. That may not be the best way to do things. If you engage in too much of the same type of activity your body will adapt and returns will diminish. This can happen with spin as classes are not necessarily progressive over time.

Not only that, but the last thing a new mum wants is chronically tight hip flexors while her pelvis isn't quite stable yet, as that can cause other problems such as lower back pain.

I'd recommend one to three sessions per week as desired and depending on other activities and fitness level. Always remember to gently stretch the hip flexors after each session, (emphasis on the word gently). If you're doing spin the gym staff should be able to teach you how to properly stretch your hip flexors.

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