The same but different - Parenting styles across the generations

Thursday 8th of May 2014  |  Category: Opinion  |  Written by: Emma Lander

It is 30 years since my mum was bringing me up when I was the same age as my daughter, Boo.

She gave up work when she got me while my dad worked.

Fast forward to now and while I only work two days a week, I went back to work after six months maternity leave which I found really hard.

I would say I am a laid back parent whereas my mum was a bit more uptight with me.

I am adopted and I know my mum won't mind me saying that for a large part of my early life, she worried that someone was going to take me off her. So in that respect I think I was protected quite a bit bit doesn't every mother do that?

I definitely try to shield Boo from hurting herself much the same as my mum did it's just I don't have the added worry of Boo being taken away.

My mum devoted her whole life to bringing me up and I like to think that I am replicating that with Boo.

I hardly ever go out or buy clothes for myself and I am ok with that. As the two-day salary is much reduced from when I worked full time, I am fully accepting of having to watch my pennies and because that means I can spend more time with my daughter, I am happy with that.

My mum didn't have her own car for a long time so we used to walk a lot or get the bus. I found it funny recently that Boo's first bus ride was a real 'event' while when I was young, it was a part of my daily life.

I was a terrible teenager and time will only tell if Boo is anything like me.

All I can say is, if she is, at least I will know what she is up to.

I think my dad did more with me than Hubster does but he is very busy running the farm so it is just something I have to accept.

My parents were amazing. If I am half as good as they were with me, that will be good enough for me.

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