Napping Out and About

Whilst it is best to let your baby nap in the same place as when he sleeps at night, this isn't always possible. Busy mums often have hectic schedules and and other commitments, such as older children who need picking up from school, which results in there being times when your baby has to have his nap 'on the go'. Taking your baby out during the day also stops parents getting cabin fever, and gives you a chance to socialise, getting some much needed adult conversation into your day! So how can you keep busy during the day whilst not disrupting your baby's sleep patterns?

Do I Have to Stay at Home?

Most babies can tolerate some variation in their sleeping patterns from time to time, so you don't have to be confined to your home by your baby's sleeping patterns every day. Try and plan your outings for when your baby will be awake, but for those times when it's not possible, there are ways you can minimise the impact on your baby's sleeping routine. If your baby is due his nap while you are out, try and stick to his normal routine as much as possible. If your baby normally naps at 12, put him in his pram or car seat to allow him to fall asleep. If your baby normally has a comforter, or favourite teddy they take to bed, make sure you have this with you.

Most babies will sleep in their car seats , as the hum of the engine soothes tired babies to sleep, (often within minutes of setting off!) If your are driving however, make sure your baby has been fed and changed before setting off to enable your little one to drift off peacefully. If you are taking your baby for a day out, put him in his pushchair when it's time for his nap. Most babies are happy to nap in their pushchair and the rocking motion of the pushchair or pram will lull them to sleep. Put the pushchair in the reclining position to encourage them to sleep. If your baby normally has his daytime naps in a darkened room, invest in a shade that fits over the pushchair or pram to block out the light. Some babies fall asleep easily while on the go, while others are so stimulated by being outside that they have difficulty falling asleep. If your baby falls into this category, it will take longer to get your baby to go to sleep than it would at home.

Is a Nap Out and About as Good as a Nap at Home?

Your baby is unlikely to nap for as long as he normally would at home, as there are more sounds and movement to interfere with his sleep when you are out. Experts also believe the type of sleep babies get when they nap on the move isn't as restorative as the sleep they get when they are lying down in a quiet room, as they sleep more lightly when out and about. If you think your baby hasn't had enough sleep, try putting him down a little bit earlier for his afternoon nap, or bring bedtime forward a little bit. It's vital for your baby's development that they get enough sleep!

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