Napping is a big part of a baby's first few months but many parents have questions about when their child should be napping and what sort of routine they should create for them. In this section we give advice on what times of the day your baby should be napping and what you can do when you take your baby for a day out which overlaps with nap-time:


  • Napping out and about

    Napping Out and About

    Just because your baby has a napping routine doesn't mean you should be confined to your house 24 hours a day - learn how to get your baby to nap out and about to give you more freedom as a mother.

  • day time naps

    Day Time Naps

    We look at how many naps your newborn should be having each day, why sleep is so important for them and how to establish a routine with your little bundle of joy.

We have tried to cover all the most common questions Mums and Dads have about napping and their child however if you feel we have missed anything out please head over to our Facebook page and let us know. You can also head over to our community of mums here and ask for advice.

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