Wind and Reflux After Feeds

Flatulence and belching in public is seen as impolite or embarrassing among adults, but as trapped wind often causes so much pain and discomfort for babies we tend to applaud and congratulate them for every noisy release of gas - from whichever end! Learning to wind your baby (helping them to burp or fart) is really important if trapped wind is something that they suffer from, being able to help them will give you both more sleep at night and more settled feeding times.


  • Winding a baby

    Winding Your Baby?

    A complete guide to winding your baby in different situations to make them feel more comfortable

  • Baby spitting up

    Spitting Up and Reflux

    We look at why this happens regularly in new borns and what you can do about it.

Reflux is another common problem with babies - where they bring up some (or lots) of their feed. For most babies who suffer with it the volumes are low and the recurrence about once a day, but it can still be worrying. Reflux is often related to wind, but beyond simply burping your baby we have provided information on other ways to help prevent it and advice on when to take your baby to the GP. Remember that about half of all babies suffer with reflux during the early months so don't be embarrassed about it happening when you're out and about. That's what muslin cloths are for!

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