What Other Food or Drink Can I Give My Baby?

A baby does so much growing during the first year, typically doubling their body weight in the first six months. Given the enormous range of food and drink we adults consume it seems improbable that all they need is milk - be that breast milk or infant formula. But it is true, whilst a few babies are weaned ahead of six months; most babies are fed on milk alone until this time. Giving them other food - be that pureed food, baby rice or anything else - could actually cause them harm, not least because it fills up their tiny stomachs and affects their appetite for the more nutrient dense formula or breast milk. See our weaning section for advice on where to start when it comes to weaning your baby.


Besides their milk feeds, the only other fluid that a baby might need during the first six months is water - and usually only for formula fed babies in hot weather (breastfed babies who are fed on demand should get adequate hydration from their feeds but speak to your health visitor if you are unsure or if the weather is excessively hot). Once you start your baby on foods you should be offering them a drink with each meal, you will hear conflicting advice on whether or not you should offer them fruit juices or squash, cow's milk or goat's milk. In this section of the site we offer you more information on giving these drinks to your child.

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