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How To Make The Most of The Snow

Friday 25th of January 2013  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: Alice Edwards

We're all too accustomed to the inconveniences of heavy snowfall: difficult driving conditions, school closures, sub-zero temperatures, but parents often get quite excited about the prospect of snow. This is because it presents a wonderful opportunity to have outdoor fun with your children!

For some children, this year's snowfall with be the first time their child has seen 'proper' snow, or any snow at all. This is an event which gets every parent excited; wondering what could be going through their baby/toddler's mind as they gaze at the white winter wonderland outside. If your children are older, they'll no doubt greet the snow with squeals of delight and spent hours outside until you persuade them to come in, worried they'll get frostbite.

With inches of snow still plastering the ground, and more snow due over the weekend, there's still plenty of time to make sure you get the most out of this year's epic snowfall. Building snowmen is a firm favourite in most households, so make sure you have some carrots in the house for noses and pebbles for eyes! Show your child how to make snow angels (unfortunately this involves you lying down in the snow, so make sure both you and your child are wrapped up really warm!), have gentle snowball fights, and source out a hill or slope nearby to take your child sledging. Individual sledging is only recommend for children who are old enough to stay on the sledge, and who know how to stop the sledge, but if your child is too young for this you can sit them on your lap while your partner pulls the sledge along down a gentle slope.

children in the snow

Being warm is key to being able to enjoy snow, so wrap your little one up in lots of warm layers, complete with hat, gloves and boots. A snowsuit is ideal if you have one, and balaclavas and ear muffs are great for keeping kids warm and happy in the snow.

Get lots of pictures! Whether it's your child's first, or tenth time seeing snow, make sure you get snap happy. Pictures of your little one proudly standing next to the snow man they helped to make are pictures you'll treasure forever (and can embarrass them with later in life).


Always supervise your children when they play in the snow. Make sure they don't stay out too long, and bring them in to get warmed up frequently. If you're building snowmen, make sure they are stable and won't fall over on top of your toddler, and take great care if you and your children are building an igloo, as igloos can collapse on children. If you and your children are having a snowball fight, make sure they don't pack the snow too tightly or throw ice, as this can hurt and even cause injury. If you go sledging, choose a hill with a gentle slope, rather than a steep one, and choose a slope that doesn't have any obstacles, (such as rocks, trees or fences). Some parents fit their children with helmets while they go sledging, to prevent head injury.

What if my child doesn't like the snow?!

Of course, not all children love the snow! Some younger children might be scared of the snow, or might find the whole experience too cold! My husband and I had firsthand experience of this when we excitedly took our daughter outside to play in the snow, only for her to look rather confused and ask to go back inside after 2 minutes. We were rather disappointed, and began to think our daughter was the only 2 year old who didn't like the snow. However, after some pictures our friends with children had posted on facebook of similarly less-than-impressed children standing stony faced in the snow, with an expression that shouts 'why are my parents insisting that it is fun to stand outside in the freezing cold', we realised we weren't alone. We persevered in our attempt to have fun in the snow, and turns out all it took was to be taken out in the snow everyday until she came to love it!

Whatever you're up to this weekend, make some time to have fun in the snow with your little ones, just make sure you're wrapped up warm!

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