Bringing Home Your New Baby

5 Quick Steps to Getting the Perfect Baby Photo at Home

  1. Set up your photo in advance. When you find the right time to take the photo you don't want to be trying to set it up in a hurry.
  2. Choose a position in your house that gets good natural light i.e. in front of a big window (leave enough room for you to get down on the floor to take the photograph).
  3. Lay a pillow or cushion on the floor and cover it with a clean sheet or baby blanket.
  4. Behind the pillow, use a chair or sofa to drape a white or cream sheet as the backdrop to the photograph - be careful not to use anything that could topple over.
  5. Lay your baby on the pillow, tummy down with her face towards the window. Get down on the floor so that your camera is on the same level as their face and take your photo!


  • You will probably find the shot is easier to take when your baby is sleeping - you should get less wriggling!
  • For safety reasons do not leave your baby lying on the pillow unattended.
  • Don't be afraid to have a go at photo-shopping your photos if you want to eliminate a little dribble of milk or a scratch on their face.
  • Experiment with turning your photos into black and white images, they are often more flattering on any blotchiness or little marks on their skin.
  • Frame your photo, use it on the cover of a baby photo album or scrapbook, or have it printed on notecards to send as thank you cards for any gifts you have been given.

photo of a baby

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