Celebrations For Your Baby

Your Baby's Baptism and Naming Days

Baptisms and naming days are celebratory events, which some new parents choose to organise following the birth of a new baby.

What Is The Difference Between The Two Events?

Baptisms and christenings are religious celebrations that welcome new babies into the church. These types of ceremonies are held in churches and places of worship in the presence of a minister with family and friends often invited to witness the event. Godparents are chosen by the parents and they are invited to the front of the church as part of the ceremony to declare their services to God. Generally, christenings and baptisms are carried out during main church services and will involve singing hymns and listening to readings. To organise a christening or baptism, you would need to contact the minister of the church in which you would like the service to be held.

If you'd like to celebrate but want to avoid the religious aspect, a naming ceremony is a non-religious way of acknowledging the arrival of a new baby. Like civil marriage ceremonies, naming services can be held in specially licensed premises or wherever else you choose. A 'celebrant' can be brought in to officiate in a humanist service in whichever format the parents choose. Like a church service you may wish to have verses or poems read, but the order of service is completely your choice. The purpose of the ceremony is for parents to declare their love and support for the child. Similar to godparents, those opting for a humanist service will identify adult mentors who will provide support to the child as they grow up. A naming ceremony is not in any way a legally binding ceremony.

Why Should I Have a Ceremony?

Any kind of celebration by the parents, whether it is religious or not, is a way of officially welcoming a new child into the world. It is also a chance to bring family and friends together to meet the baby and share your hopes and dreams for their future. Following the ceremony of your choice, it is customary to host a party or gathering afterwards. This could be at a local hotel or pub or even at your house. Many choose to have a cake specially made to mark the occasion and organise food and drink to cater for everyone who has been invited.

The type of ceremony you choose is down to personal preference. Whichever you do end up organising, the occasion will be filled with love and is a way of bringing those who are important to you close to your baby.

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