Development & Behaviour


Every parent has a different opinion on how they should discipline their child - there are multiple schools of thought as how to do this. Ultimately it is your decision as a parent to what you do. In this section we have tried to cover some common ways to discipline young children as well as common mistakes parents make.


  • Disciplining young children

    Disciplining Young Children

    Learn why discipling your child is so important for their development and look at how you can do it effectively.

  • Smacking


    We look at this controversial topic, the pros and cons of it and the exact laws in the UK when it comes to smacking.

Sometimes the reason children mis behave is because they cannot communicate what they really want to you. After reading this section you should check out our communicating with your baby section. If you feel we have missed out anything to do with discipline please head over to our community and start a discussion.

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