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As a new parent, nappy changing will become a big part of your everyday life! Newborn babies need their nappies changing up to 12 times a day, and your little one will continue to need nappies until 2-3 years of age. This amounts to around 3000 nappies, so click on our nappy change section to make sure you have all the information you need about nappy changes! In this section you'll find advice on how to change a nappy, how often you should change your baby's nappy, and the role of nappy cream (many a parent has diligently bought a tub of nappy cream but isn't quite sure what they're supposed to do with it!).


The debate over reusable and disposable nappies is a hot topic at the moment, with more and more parents becoming concerned over their carbon footprint. Reusable nappies have come a long way since the old fashioned cloth and safety pin variety, and there are many misconceptions over the pros and cons of reusable nappies. Every parent wants to do what's best for their baby, and to use a nappy their baby will be comfortable in.

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