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Bath Time

Bathtime can be a wonderful experience for you and your baby. Seeing your baby relax in the water, or experimenting with splashing around and playing with bath toys is great fun! Bathing your baby can however be daunting, and many parents understandably get nervous about giving their baby their first bath. After all, babies are slippery when they are in the bath and many babies dislike baths at first. Safety is just as important for older babies, who don't need to be held while in the bath, but should still never be left alone. We've put together a guide to help you bathe your baby safely.


While older babies often need a bath every day, newborn babies don't need a daily bath, which can cause excessive drying of their delicate skin. Our bath time section has guidance on how often you should wash your baby and advice on how to wash your baby's hair (with minimal crying!).

With all the bathtime equipment and different baby toiletries on the market these days, it can get very confusing as to what you actually need, as well as what's useful and what you'll never use! In our article on Bathtime toiletries and equipment we discuss the different types of toiletries you can use for your baby, and provide a guide to choosing bathtime equipment.

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