Dressing Babies

Getting Baby's Clothes On and Off Safely

With their large floppy heads and limbs, and often very soiled clothing, dressing a newborn presents another challenge to new parents. When dressing your baby, go for clothes that are practical and easy to get on and off. Choose clothes that have poppers down the front or side, which are easier than buttons (buttons are also a choking hazard). Go for clothes which have wide necks to to fit easily over your baby's head. Choose cotton clothes and avoid clothes with tags which could irritate your baby's skin. T-shirts and trousers or leggings are handy for the several clothes changes your baby will have a day, as you can change one item of clothing without having to take all of your baby's clothes off. Using cardigans or jackets are easier to use than jumpers as you don't need to pull them over baby's head. Here's a guide on how to get baby's clothes on and off:

Lie your baby down on his changing mat on a flat surface to change his clothes. This can be the floor, his changing table or the bed (never leave your baby unattended on a bed or changing table in case he falls off).

Vests and T-Shirts

To put on a vest or t-shirt, gently stretch the neck opening so it's large enough to fit comfortably over your baby's head. Hold your baby's head and gently put your baby's head through the opening. Don't tug at it, or it could hurt your baby's face. Put your baby's arms in one by one, and then fasten it up at the bottom.

To take a vest off, unpop the fasteners, and pull it up a little so it's looser around your baby's body. Hold the arm sleeve and gently lift your baby's arm out of it. Do the same with the other arm. Stretch the neck opening again, and then lift it off your baby's head. If the vest is soiled however, it's best to pull the vest down over the body and legs, rather than risk getting your baby's head and face dirty. To take it off this way, take your baby's arms out of the vest, but instead of placing your baby's arms under the vest, place their arms over it, then inch it down their body.

Bodysuits and Babygrows

Lay the babygrow out flat on the surface where you will be dressing your baby. Start with the legs, and gently put each leg into the leg holes. Put your baby's arms in each sleeve, tilting your baby onto one side as you thread their arms through if you need to. Then fasten up the poppers.

Babygrows are very easy to take off as you simply lay your baby down on a soft surface, undo the poppers and take your baby's arms and legs out!

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