Keeping Every Bit of Baby Clean and Cared For

Cleaning Baby's Ears

To clean your baby's ears, use a damp piece of cotton wool or a clean, damp, flannel and gently clean around the outside of your baby's ears. Never stick anything inside your baby's ears. Despite cotton buds being placed on the baby aisle in chemists and supermarkets, they should never be used for cleaning inside your baby's ears (and aren't advisable for use on adults either). Inserting q-tips or anything else into your baby's ears could cause irreparable damage to your baby's eardrum.

If you notice a small amount of ear wax in your baby's ears, there's no reason to remove it. It won't cause harm to your baby if you leave it there, and will come out by itself in time. It's unusual for babies to get large amounts of wax build up in their ears, but if you notice a buildup of wax in your baby's ears, take your baby to see a doctor. Also, if your baby has a white or yellow discharge coming from their ears, take them to the doctor straight away as this is a sign of an ear infection. If left untreated ear infections can cause damage to hearing, as well as considerable discomfort.

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