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Your Pregnancy Fears and Worries

Monday 17th of June 2013  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: James Brighton

Most of Us Have Fears

Our poll data shows that fear is something that pregnant women have to live with, and it's not only fear of one thing. Whilst our data shows that 69% of women are fearful of miscarriage, other fears such as needles (5%), childbirth (12%), a partner straying (4%), not being a good mother (4%), gaining weight (4%) and not loving the baby (3%) are all things mums-to-be worry about. In fact 11% of those surveyed had all of those fears when they went through their pregnancy.

Do Mums Have The Support They Need?

Sadly whilst these fears are very real it seems that the support structures new mums need are not in place in some cases. A staggering 33% of those surveyed hadn't even told their midwifes of their fears, with another 26% finding that the midwife didn't help, whilst 20% hadn't told their partners. These figures are worrying, it is concerning to see that 60% of women had not had not had their fears dealt with by their midwife suggesting that the NHS support system currently in place is not doing its job.

Poll Data from

What is your greatest fear during pregnancy?

Miscarriage (no previous)

Miscarriage (after previous)




Won't make a good mother

Gaining weight


Partner straying

Won't love baby

All of the above


Has your midwife helped to alleviate your pregnancy concerns?



Haven't told them


Is your partner sympathetic to your pregnancy fears?



Haven't discussed


Results polled from over 1000 respondents.

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