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Setting an Inspirational Example, and Being a 'Good Enough' Parent

Tuesday 28th of May 2013  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: Leoarna Mathias

We have witnessed horrific scenes this week in Woolwich via the over-explicit airwaves. Our thoughts automatically turn to the victim's family and friends, and those who were unlucky enough to witness such gruesome brutality. Social media of all kinds tends to respond very quickly to events such as these, and while it does not always conduct itself with the decorum we'd hope for, it can act as a beacon of humanity too. As the sad news broke, the bravery of Ingrid Loyau-Kennet, a mother and cub leader from East Anglia, who had challenged the young men wielding knives and other weaponry, also went viral. Ingrid has been modest and self-effacing in the glare of the media attention that has surrounded her since those events. As I followed events via twitter, what became clear was that Ingrid had shown the world that any one of us can be a hero. What she did, in getting off the bus, checking on the soldier for vitals, and then approaching the young man's killers with calmness and fortitude, should inspire us and, in a funny way our children.

None of us want our children, while they are young, to have any awareness of how unbearably cruel the world can be. But the proliferation of news media that clogs up our daily lives means that their discovery of 'man's inhumanity to man' cannot always be avoided. My four year old daughter already notices odd words in news bulletins on Radio 2, and I have started to switch off or lower the volume for fear of her hearing the words 'murder', 'killing' and 'dead' too often. But in time, being able to show our children that in the face of such appalling conduct there are people in this world willing to put themselves at risk to argue for what is right, is an encouraging thought. So our thanks go to Ingrid for setting us all, adults and children alike, such a fine example.

What Makes a 'Good Enough' Parent?

As some of you will now, I have my own blog, and by virtue of this, I get to belong to a marvellous and global community of other bloggers. One good chum Michaela Fox lives and writes in Australia. Despite the time difference between us she is one of the quickest to respond when I put up a new blog post, and always has kind words to say about my modest musings. On the other side of the world, Michaela is quickly gaining an audience for her own parenting blog and the occasional articles she boy kissing his mum publishes across her fair nation. And rather like our own Siobhan, her writing has even got her as far as breakfast television appearances! Michaela wrote a lovely piece earlier this week, and it deserves to be shared over here to. In it, she explores the realities of modern parenting, and gives sound advice on recognising the human limits we are all subject too, and that, in effect, we need only to be 'good enough' and not perfect.

The articles is based around an interview with Warren Cann, CEO of Parenting Research Centre, a not for profit body based in Melbourne. Warren starts by observing that "Science can't measure [what good parenting is] and say these are the top ten ingredients of good parenting". This got me thinking about the fundamentals of parenting, and where modern parents source their ideas, wisdom and guidance from. The answer for a significant proportion of us is, in part at least, via the web and sites just like this one.

As a team here on and on our other sites, we work hard to make sure the advice we give out is based on solid research and the best practice from the medical profession and beyond. We also ensure that our writing, the way in which we convey the information we want to get across, is informative and empowering; parenting is unique to each parenting and each child, and while experts can be of real help with the hurdles we face along the way, we know our own children better than anyone else. We are our own experts, in effect. So our content will always remind you that you have choices that are yours to make, and that we are here to serve, by providing you with the facts and figures you need to make good choices. Whether its breast feeding or bottle feeding, naps or baby yoga, we're here to highlight the issues, give you the low down. As the old saying goes, 'information is power', after all.

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