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How Soon is 'Too Soon' to Have Your Second Baby?

Wednesday 14th of November 2012  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: Rosanne Moulding

Following the news that Peaches Geldof is three and a half months pregnant with her second child just six months after giving birth to her first, Astala, it raises the question, how long after your first child should you leave it before getting pregnant again?

Medical Advice

Medically, health professionals advise to leave at least six months between pregnancies to give your body time to rest. Women who do become pregnant within six months of giving birth are more at risk of experiencing complications with the pregnancy. However, leaving a very long gap can also be detrimental as women who give birth more than five years after their last birth are more likely to have a baby with a low birth weight.

Because of all the nutrition which has left your body following a birth, your body needs nine months to fully re-build its nutritional values. If you get pregnant before this, you may need to eat more nuts, oily fish or seeds to build up those essential fatty acids to pass onto the baby. It is best to consult your doctor if you are worried about your body not having enough fatty acids during your pregnancy.

A woman's body also changes drastically from a birth. Ideally, a woman would have months to regain fitness in loosened muscles, lose the extra baby weight and allow her hormones to balance out again. However, a woman can still strengthen those pelvic muscles throughout her pregnancy, so fitness levels can be increased even if a woman has become pregnant very soon after the birth of her previous child.

A Long Wait or Just Go For It?

Women who gave birth via caesarean last time may want to wait a while longer than others might before getting pregnant again. A caesarean can take its toll on your body and you need time to heal. It is advisable to wait at least a year before trying to get pregnant, and ideally a woman would wait 18 months.

Despite the evidence pointing women in the direction of waiting at least a year before trying to have another baby, the decision is ultimately up to the parents. There is no right or wrong time period to leave between births, however if you are thinking of having another baby do make sure you feel ready, both emotionally and physically.

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