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Wednesday 28th of November 2012  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: James Brighton

Op op op op oppan Gangnam babies

Everyone has fallen in love with the latest song to come out of Korea Gangnam Style, well maybe not everyone, but the nation spoke and it did reach number one. One of the surprising outcomes of the success of Psy's song has definitely been it's popularity, K-pop has certainly never featured high on the British charts before, and whether we see it feature again is certainly up for debate. Something that isn't up for debate is that the song has been played endlessly on TV and radio across the UK and this has meant that babies have been listening avidly to the song.

You might not think that this would mean anything, babies hear songs all the time! Whilst that is undoubtedly true, Psy seems to have a way with that babies that no other pop artist does. Just see this video for proof:

Now, we're not saying that every baby is going to love Gangnam Style but has Psy got some kind of magical powers? He can even get babies to eat their food…

Clearly there is something fascinating about Psy and his abilities to hypnotise children! Have you ever encountered a baby that is continually crying or refusing to eat their food, well make sure you try a bit of Gangnam Style to get them on the straight and narrow!

Obviously we're not advising that Psy is the solution to all your parenting needs, but there is undoubtedly a case for finding out if this song has some kind of mystical powers (although we don't really believe in things like that…do we?) and if our babies love to Gangnam then who are we to stop them:

Psy has even managed to teach this baby the moves to the dance, COME ON there is something going on here!

Whilst Gangnam Style is sure to drop out of the charts over the next few weeks, parents around the world should unite in the honour of Psy and his mystical powers, after all, we need some peace and quiet every now and again, don't we.

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