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Are You a Helpful Dad?

Monday 16th of September 2013  |  Category: Baby News  |  Written by: James Brighton

The Modern Dad?

Are Dads more helpful now than they were in the past? 75% of you seem to think that you have more support from your partner than your mother had. Whilst 25% of you think your own mother had the better deal, it is interesting that three quarters think otherwise. Only 11% of you stated that your partner never attended an antenatal appointment, with almost half of Dads (43%) attending every single one, whilst the remaining 56% attended the scans as a minimum, with many attending more.

After the Birth

Modern Dads continue to be helpful after the birth as well with 61% of our respondents claiming that their partner was calm and supportive during labour and delivery, although 11% of you stated that your partner fell asleep! 66% of you also confirmed that your partner helps out during the night, although 21% confirmed that Dad hasn't helped at all during the night. Only 6% of Dads don't help with nappies, but 74% take the baby out without the mother. The results seem to show that the modern day Dad is definitely one who wants to help both mother and baby!

Poll Data from

Was your partner present at your antenatal appointments/scans?

Yes, never missed an appointment

Some appointments

Only scans




How did your partner cope during labour and delivery?

Calm, supportive, useful


Panicky and unhelpful

Fell asleep

Not there


After baby was born, how helpful was your partner at night?

Did everything apart from breastfeeds

Helped a bit

Used to be helpful, but doesn't hear baby now

Doesn't help


After your first baby, did your husband's approach change for subsequent babies?

We only have one baby

Supportive throughout

Less sympathetic and helpful


How often does your partner change your baby's nappy?

All changes when he's home

At least one a day

Around 3-5 per week


1 per week


No dirty nappies


How often does your partner take your baby out without you?

At least once a week

Once a month

Less than once a month



How often have you been out socially during the first 6 months of your baby's life?




3-5 times

Once a month

2-3 times a month

At least once a week


How often has your partner been out socially during the first 6 months of your baby's life?




3-5 times

Once a month

2-3 times a month

At least once a week


Who got the better deal when it comes to help?

Your mother, your father was more helpful

Your, your partner was more helpful


Results polled from over 1000 respondents.

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