Baby Health & First Aid

The Recovery Position

If you find your baby or child breathing but unconscious it is important to place them in the recovery position. This prevents them from swallowing their tongue and stops the windpipe from being blocked if they were to be sick. Remember: The procedure is slightly different for babies (under one) and children (aged one to puberty). Follow the steps below:

For a baby (birth to one):

  1. Simply hold them with their head tilted downwards.

For a child (one to puberty):

  1. Place the child's arm nearest to you on the floor with their elbow bent at a right angle and their palm facing up.
  2. Move the other arm across their body, placing the back of the hand on the cheek closest to you.
  3. Lift the knee furthest from you and pull it up until the foot is flat on the floor.
  4. Pull that knee towards you whilst keeping the child's hand pressed against their cheek. Their body will roll towards you and they should now be on their side. Move the top leg so that the knee is bent at right angle.
  5. Make sure the airway remains open by tilting their head back. Check for breathing by feeling and listening for breath.

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