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Baby Yoga

Whether you're a yoga novice or you've previously contorted yourself into various poses, twists and bends, it may come as a surprise to you to know that you can take babies as young as 6 weeks old to yoga lessons! In these lessons, babies are gently handled into various positions designed to stretch and relax them.

The concept behind baby yoga is that it helps babies to feel calm and comforted, as well as easing physical discomforts such as wind and colic. Some studies have shown that baby yoga helps boost the immune system, aids digestion and helps babies to sleep better. Doing the same sequences every week can help soothe babies as they are often comforted by routine and enjoy knowing what is coming next.

Baby yoga gurus claim that it helps babies reach developmental milestones such as rolling, sitting, and crawling more quickly as it encourages coordination and flexibility. Taking your baby to yoga classes can also be a fantastic bonding experience, as you'll be spending quality time with your baby one-on-one with no other distractions. Many yoga classes incorporate nursery rhymes into the class, helping your baby's mental development at the same time as their physical development.

There are benefits for parents too. It helps new mums regain strength and maintain posture, while toning abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Dads can also benefit from taking their baby to baby yoga as interacting with their babies in this relaxing environment helps deepen the parent/carer bond. Baby yoga classes are also a great way to meet other parents and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere!

If you want to get into baby yoga, join a local class run by a qualified yoga teacher to learn how to do it. Don't force your baby into positions if they don't want to do it. Stop if they don't seem to be enjoying it. When you do it at home, it's best to keep baby yoga sequences short: a few minutes a couple of times a day is better than one long session once a week.

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